Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Melbourne Water Headquarters Vacuum Toilets

Melbourne Water Headquarters, Victoria, Australia

Imagine saving almost 25,000 litres of water a day! 

For the Melbourne Water headquarters in the Docklands development of the Melbourne CBD this is reality. The 9-storey building, finalised in 2011, is fitted with 72 vacuum pans for a population of 1,100 persons. With only 0.8 litres of water per flush, the building is saving 24,420 litres of water a day when compared to traditional low-flush toilets. That is a saving of almost 9 million litres of water a year - for one building! 

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If you want to learn more about the vacuum toilet system at Melbourne Water, check out the case study or the building’s power consumption statistics:

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre Vacuum Toilets

Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, Victoria, Australia

Jets Vacuum was selected for the refurbishment of the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre in Richmond, Victoria.  A new medical facility will be incorporated in the building requiring that no penetrations of the slab are allowed.  The Jets system suits the application perfectly.  36 buffer tanks servicing the hand-basins and sinks, as well as the vacuum pans and urinals, will be evacuated up into the ceiling space and lead to the Jets 50MBA vacuum pump station which will be conveniently located in a nearby loading bay. Once again, the Jets system has proven to be the ideal choice for retrofits as the system cannot be surpassed for simplicity and its very low footprint.

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Intercontinental Hotel Vacuum Toilets

InterContinental Hotel, Perth, Western Australia

WA has finally jumped aboard the vacuum drainage band wagon, commissioning the state’s first vacuum toilet installation at the InterContinental Hotel on Hay Street in the Perth CBD.  Vacuum Toilets Australia’s WaterMarked, 6 Star WELS rated Jets vacuum toilets are up and running in the luxury hotel. One of the key benefits of a vacuum toilet system, next to immense water savings, is its ability to flush upwards and the very small diameter piping. Developers of the former Rydges Hotel used this to their advantage when facing issues with their basement kitchen and staff sanitary facilities.  

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Read the full news article on this exciting WA project:

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Legion House Vacuum Toilets

Legion House, Sydney, Australia

Originally built in 1902, the heritage listed Legion House in the Sydney CBD has been fully renovated to extremely high environmental standards and is now a 6 green star rated office building.  A Jets vacuum toilet system was installed for two reasons.  Firstly, no gravity fall requirements and the very small diameter piping allowed developers to keep the historic structures intact by simply running sewer lines through the existing pipe network.  Secondly, water usage of less than 1 litre per flush and very low electricity usage meant that the Jets vacuum toilet system was in line with the developers’ aim to create a fully sustainable office building.  

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All facts on the heritage listed Legion house can be found in the case study:

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Pixel Building Vacuum Toilets

Pixel Building in Carlton, Victoria, Australia

The colourful Pixel Building in Carlton, Melbourne, designed by studio505 and built by developer Grocon, is a little sustainability genius and stands for environmental innovation. For developers of the Pixel Building the innovative and environmentally savvy Jets vacuum toilet system was a logical choice. Designed for minimal environmental impact, the Pixel Building has meanwhile received the world’s highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating from the US Green Building Council. Furthermore, the building received a 6 green star score from the Green Building Council of Australia. Next to a perfect score, additional points for innovation were awarded, among other things, for the use of a vacuum toilet system. We are proud that the Jets vacuum toilet system helped the Pixel Building achieve the status of one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world. 

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Find out more about the vacuum toilet system in the Pixel Building in the case study:

Overseas References

Castelão Stadium Fortaleza Brazil


The Castelão Stadium in Fortaleza underwent major renovations in anticipation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. With rising water prices and an exhausted water and sewerage infrastructure in Brazil, developers turned to Jets to ensure all 70,000 spectators would have access to reliable sanitary facilities.The result - the Castelão Stadium is the largest vacuum sanitary installation in the world, saving around 500,000 litres of water at each match.

Prison Stockholm Sweden

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Stockholm Sweden

Prison systems around the world struggle with rising water and waste costs as well as issues with hygiene and the transport of contraband. Inmates often use conventional toilets to transport drugs and other materials through the gravity drain pipes. Vacuum toilets provide solutions by way of water savings and waste minimisation, thereby reducing the costs and environmental impact of the prison waste system.

Uninove Brazil

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Hotel Uninove Brazil

When a Jets system was installed at the University of São Paulo in 2007, the system paid for itself in 15 months. Water usage and waste production were reduced by up to 90%,  water costs dropped from US$1,800 to US$320 a day.

Torre Sao Paulo Building Brazil

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Torre Sao Paulo Building Vacuum Toilets

When excessive waste and contamination of freshwater resources drove water prices through the roof, the 30-storey Sao Paulo development looked to Jets for solutions.

Rica Havna Hotel Norway

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Rica Havna Hotel Vacuum Toilets

In the idyllic and pristine setting of Tjøme, Norway, the Rica Havna Hotel has been relying on vacuum toilet technology for 30 years.

Hotel Ivar Aasen

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Hotel Ivar Aasen

The Hotel Ivar Aasen is one of many buildings retrofitted with a vacuum toilet system. The small diameter pipework, ease of installation and flexibility of design meant that the hotel was able to remain open during the low impact renovation.

Antarctic Exploration

Vacuum Toilets Australia Jets Vacuum Toilets Antarctic Mobile Vacuum Toilets

Jets not only provide rugged, compact solutions, but provide quality engineering support for projects of all shapes and sizes. Vacuum collection means that waste is concentrated and kept to a minimum, conserving water, energy and the effort required to handle and dispose of waste.

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