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The Jets Vacuum Toilet - Comfort at the Push of a Button

Jets offer a range of robust, commercial grade vacuum toilets for any type of installation. These high-quality toilets are used across a range of industries from cruise ships to million-dollar luxury yachts, from office buildings to boutique hotels and resorts. The toilets are constructed using high-grade vitreous china and are available in wall or floor mounted models. Other configurations such as urinals, squat pans and stainless steel toilets are also available. Jets incorporate premium, corrosion-resistant fittings and hardware into the construction of every toilet.

The heart of the vacuum toilet is the integrated vacuum-operated discharge valve. This valve operates entirely by vacuum, controlling the flushing cycle as well as the rinse water. Flushing is fast, efficient and reliable. Plumbers and consultants are always impressed when we inform them that a vacuum toilet can be connected to a standard 50 mm plastic pipe (more about vacuum piping in our
section on pipe).

Please review our
projects section to learn more about how vacuum toilets are creating new sustainable opportunities for offices, hospitals, hotels, homes and even correctional facilities.

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