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The Patented Jets Vacuumarator - The Heart of The Modern Vacuum Toilet System

Vacuum is generated through the use of a vacuum pump. In 1987, Jets patented a special inline vacuum pump that would change the design of the vacuum toilet system forever: the Jets Vacuumarator.


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The Jets Vacuumarator is an electrically driven, ultra-efficient vacuum pump specifically designed and manufactured for vacuum toilet systems. The Vacuumarator is placed inline between the toilet and the point of discharge.

When the toilet is flushed, the toilet valve opens. The strong vacuum in the pipe sucks the waste out of the toilet bowl. As the waste is transported by air coming in through the toilet valve, the vacuum in the pipe naturally decreases.

The vacuum level inside the pipework is accurately measured using vacuum sensors. When the vacuum level decreases to a preset point, the Vacuumarator pump automatically starts and instantly sucks the system vacuum back to the optimal level. Waste travels along the pipe with amazing speed and efficiency. Friction is extremely low due to the fact that the system is flushing with air; not water.

When the flushing cycle has stopped and the optimal vacuum level has been achieved, the Vacuumarator automatically stops. In a constant vacuum system, vacuum is maintained through the use of the Vacuumarator’s integrated check valve.

The Vacuumarator is constructed with reliability and ease of service in mind. The simple, yet robust construction uses very few internal components, thereby reducing wearing and maintenance. This also allows for smooth flow of waste through the pump. Blockage is virtually impossible as all waste is pulverised before passing though the helical screw chamber. Flow is instantaneous so there is no risk of increasing the temperature of passing waste.

The Jets Vacuumarator is available in a variety of capacities and configurations. From single toilet installations, to systems incorporating over 10,000 users, Jets has a solution.

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