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Vacuum Piping - A Plumber’s Paradise

The drainage pipework in any home or commercial building represents a significant investment in time and materials. The construction or conversion of a building is restricted to the function of the pipework instead of the form of the building.

Imagine if you could construct or convert a building and ignore the restrictions of traditional gravity drainage systems?
With vacuum toilets systems, you can.
Vacuum toilet systems flush with air, not water. This means the limitations of gravity drainage systems no longer apply.


Advantages of vacuum toilet systems pipework:

• Pipe can be routed around corners or over obstacles.
• No slope or fall is required.
• Great distances are achievable from toilets to sewage connection.
• Less drilling to achieve fall and/or installation when compared to gravity systems.
• Less intrusive to surrounding environment.
• 50 mm diameter pipe.
• Ventilation pipes are not required.
• Pipe may be run in a downward direction.
• Pipe may be run in a horizontal direction.
• Pipe may be run in a vertical direction.
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Visit Blucher Australia to see how easy it is to install a vacuum toilet system with high-grade push-fit stainless steel pipe:

-No hot work required.
-No glue; no waste.
-Unbelievably simple technology specifically designed to install in seconds.
-Durable systems designed to perform in the harshest environments.
-Massive selection of preformed fittings, hangers and accessories.
-Infinitely expandable: pull a piping system apart with your hands...make any changes you want.
-Blucher is a global brand approved for use in Australia.
-Data sheets for goosenecks and transport pockets are available from our
brochures page.

Do it right with Blucher pipe!
The Jets Vacuum Piping Guide

To help plumbers, consultants and developers, Jets Standard have prepared and published The Vacuum Piping Guide.

Please download your copy today from our file share page.

Separation of Waste Streams

Vacuum toilet systems also allow designers and developers the opportunity to separate black and grey water waste streams. This is an important step to realising on-site treatment and reuse of grey water assets. Not only do vacuum toilets reduce black water production by 90%, developments can further reduce their impact on municipal systems by collecting, treating and reusing grey water within the development.

Would you like to know more about going green with Jets?

Contact Vacuum Toilets Australia or visit our file share page to download our GreenTech Buildings Brochure.
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