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Vacuum Toilet System Operation

If you have not already seen our Jets vacuum toilet system animation video, please watch it now.

The modern vacuum toilet system is extremely simple and effective. The toilet looks and feels exactly like any toilet used in buildings and homes around the country. The difference is in the “behind the scenes” design.

A small diameter pipe connects the toilet to an in-line vacuum pump. When the toilet is flushed, a strong vacuum is created inside the pipe which pulls the waste out of the toilet.

The waste is carried along quickly and efficiently using air instead of precious water. Waste passes through the pump and is discharged to the collection or treatment point of your choosing.

vacuum toilet operation

During the flushing cycle, a small amount of water is used to hygienically rinse the inside of the toilet bowl.

At the conclusion of the flush, a small amount of water remains in the bottom of the toilet bowl, just like you are used to. The entire flushing sequence takes about 4 seconds.

The Importance of Hygiene

Mum always told you to close the lid before you flush. She’s right, you know. When you flush a conventional toilet, the in-rush of water and the turbulent flushing action actually create tiny water droplets called aerosols. These nasty drops can transport infectious bacteria, clinging to the walls, seats, fixtures, even your skin and clothing.

Vacuum toilets flush with air, meaning that when the flush sequence begins, air is drawn into the toilet from the surrounding environment. Odours, aerosols and those nasty bacteria are removed, literally sucked out of the toilet and transported safely away. Hygiene and comfort are important factors in any toilet system. This is yet another reason why customers prefer Jets for land-based applications.

Please browse our section on
mobile installations. It contains a few more considerations to which we all can relate.


There are two main configurations of the modern vacuum toilet system: vacuum on demand and constant vacuum systems.

Vacuum on Demand

Vacuum on demand systems do just that: generate vacuum on demand. Vacuum on demand systems are the perfect choice for small installations with no more than four vacuum toilets. These configurations are popular for cottages, mobile installations and accommodation modules. The in-line vacuum pump may be connected to the collection or treatment device of your choosing.

Constant Vacuum Systems

Constant vacuum systems are appropriately named because the pipe between the in-line vacuum pump and the toilet is in a state of constant vacuum. This is ideal for installations larger than four vacuum toilets. Office buildings, hospitals, universities and even cruise ships are all designed as constant vacuum toilet systems. Installations are simple, flexible and easy to expand or scale down as demand changes.
This is extremely helpful for installation in remote areas such as
mining camps, defence accommodation or construction sites.

In addition to reducing toilet-water consumption by 90%, constant vacuum toilet systems offer numerous advantages over conventional toilet systems. Please visit our
learning centre to discover more about the vacuum toilet advantage.
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