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Jets - Supreme Comfort for Mobile Installations

Vacuum toilet systems provide numerous benefits to semi-permanent and mobile installations.  Whether it’s a mining camp, road crew or rock concert, vacuum toilet systems provide superior services over conventional or chemical toilet systems.  Our systems are used for:
-Construction sites
-Temporary facilities during renovations
-Field hospitals
-Filming locations
-Peacekeeping activities
-Remote research camps
-Business expansion
-Sport events
-Corporate events
-Defence mobilisations
-Survey crews
-Mining camps
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Vacuum toilet systems make it possible to quickly and cleanly set up sanitary facilities for any number of people in any type of environment.  Toilet systems can be integrated into container or trailer modules, complete with integrated waste and water tanks.  The compact vacuum pump can be conveniently located away from public, providing thousands of hours of trouble-free service.  Vacuum piping can be connected between modules making expansion clean and simple.

When hygienic, sanitary conditions are required, choose vacuum toilets.  Odours and bacteria are drawn out of the cabin during each flush.  Reduce the risk of disease and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your crew by providing safe, clean sanitary facilities.

Forget about sucking out chemical toilets one-at-a-time.  With vacuum toilet systems, waste is carried away from the cabin and away from the public spaces.  Waste may be conveniently collected in a remote serviceable area, discharged to a sewage connection or connected to a portable sewage treatment plant.

Perhaps the most significant advantage is that a vacuum toilet uses only one litre of water per flush.  This will save you hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars in transportation and logistic support related to water provision and waste disposal.  Reduce water consumption and waste disposal by up to 90% with Jets vacuum toilet systems.

Mobile vacuum toilet systems allow you the freedom to place sanitary facilities exactly where they are needed.  The compact modular facilities can be easily and quickly relocated with little to no interference with your project.  Extra modules can even be added to expand capacity.

Whether it’s 10 men or 10,000, vacuum toilets are the right choice for mobile and semi-permanent sanitary systems. 
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