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The following pages contain more detailed information about vacuum toilet systems, the technology and the application. But first, let's look at why even care about vacuum toilets in the first place...

Vacuum toilet systems have been used in the land and transport industries for over 35 years, however many people have yet to really understand the variety of benefits offered to industry and the environment.

Vacuum Toilets Save Water & Money

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of a vacuum toilet system is that it enables us to save water and minimise the production of waste at the same time.

Let’s consider our average citizen. His name is Dick. Dick uses a conventional 8- litre flush toilet six times per day over the course of one year. Dick will flush 17,520 litres of clean drinking water into the sewer every year. But Dick isn’t alone. Dick lives in a community of 9,999 other people bringing the total amount of toilet- flushing water to 175,200,000 litres of water per year.

Now let’s consider Jane. Jane uses a modern 1-litre flush vacuum toilet six times per day over the course of one year. Jane will flush 2,190 litres of water into the sewer every year. Again, Jane isn’t alone. Jane lives in a community of 9,999 other people bringing the total amount of toilet-flushing water to 21,900,000 litres per year.

Using vacuum toilets, Jane’s community saves 153,300,000 litres of water.

But wait, there’s more...

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Jane’s community has reduced the demand on the municipal sewage treatment plant by over 153 million litres of water per year. Jane’s community has reduced demand on the water corporation to source, clean and pump drinking-quality water out to all the homes.

Both communities pays $2 per 1,000 litres of water.

Jane’s community saves $306,600.00 per year.

Both communities pays $1 per 1,000 litres of sewage disposal. Jane’s community saves $153,300.00 a year.

In total, Jane’s community saves $459,900.00 per year over Dick’s community.

Dick is sad because his toilet system does not have a payback period, he pays more for water and sewage and his rates are going up so the local treatment plant can be expanded.

Jane is happy because her toilet system paid for itself very quickly, she pays less for water and sewage and she is contributing to Australia’s conservation efforts.

The moral of our story is simple: don’t be a Dick. Use a vacuum toilet.

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What About Low Flush Toilets?

Okay, let’s compare water savings offered by through the use of a Jets 1-litre vacuum toilet when compared to a conventional low-flush toilet. Even if your conventional toilet uses 3.5 litres per flush, a vacuum toilet would still provide 67% water savings.

This comparison considers a properly adjusted, well-maintained gravity toilet. How many of us have seen a “running cistern?” You know, the hissing sound of water leaking through a standard gravity toilet? With a vacuum toilet, there is no risk of a cistern valve leaking precious water into the bowl and down the drain. Check out the
vacuum cistern required!

If you are a provider of portable toilets, you know how a leaking cistern valve completely upsets logistics when your sewage tank fills in one day. With vacuum toilets, you can extend the time your equipment remains on site earning you more money and keeping your customers happy.

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Jets vacuum toilet.
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