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Frequently Asked Questions about Vacuum Toilet Systems
  • No you can't. A vacuum toilet pan (or urinal) is specifically designed to work with a vacuum toilet system.
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    Most definitely. When that toilet pan is evacuated, 60 litres of air is also sucked in. The waste moves along at a blinding speed (5-15 meters per second). There's not a man-made bog on the planet that'll stop a Jets toilet.
  • Nah. Just remember to keep your mouth open. Otherwise your head will cave in.
  • Aeroplanes also use vacuum toilets, however they're a bit primitive when it comes to comfort and amenities. Jets vacuum toilets are installed on the world's finest cruise ships and luxury yachts. Visit our showroom to see one for yourself. Visit our file share page and download the Jets product catalog. The catalog contains pictures of the different toilet types.
  • Only when they gang up and heckle their wasteful gravity cousins. Vacuum toilets are remarkably quiet when they are flushed. When you flush a vacuum toilet, you miss out on all the racket created by a gravity toilet: the turbulent flow of water splashing around the bowl, gurgling down the drain and the trademark hiss of a cistern filling back up. The flushing time of a vacuum toilet is much shorter and much quieter.
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    Jets have over 300,000 vacuum toilets in public use. Rest assured that every conceivable scenario has received a great deal of forethought. There are various protections in place that prevent the flushing of anything you didn't pass. Fish don't stand a chance so make sure Goldie is really gone before you send her to the aquarium in the clouds.
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    Well, ya need at least one. First, we consider the number of toilets. Next, we look at how the system will be used. For example, public toilets get used a lot more than private (home) toilets. We examine the project requirements then recommend one or more pumps to suit.
  • Nope. Just standard old off-the-shelf potty paper will do.
  • No special cleaning procedures or chemicals are required.
  • 50 mm PVC pipe is typically used, however there is a very slick push-fit stainless pipe on the market specifically for quick assembly of vacuum toilet systems. Check out Blucher Australia or contact Vacuum Toilets Australia for more details.
  • Vacuum toilet systems require electricity to drive the pump that makes the vacuum. Systems can be configured with back up power supplies.
  • The capital investment is higher than a gravity toilet pan, however the installation and operation costs are significantly lower. You also get the flexibility of installing a toilet where no toilet has gone before. This is especially handy when converting spaces such as garages or basements. To find out more about pricing, give us a call so we can discuss the details of your project and determine if a vacuum toilet system is right for you.
  • Vacuum toilets are the perfect choice for ships. Visit Marine Plant Systems Pty Ltd in Henderson, WA. Their website is:
Vacuum Toilets Australia Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 603
Claremont, Western Australia 6910
T - 08 9410 0166
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Vacuum Toilets Australia - Showroom
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