Vacuum Toilets Australia

Saving water has never been so easy
New Properties

Proven “Green” technology.

Fast & simple installations.

Potential for local sewage treatment facilities.

Less invasive infrastructure development.

Easy compliance with environment regulations.

Savings on material and installation costs.
Existing Properties

Quicker installation; flexible planning.

Less core drilling & floor penetrations.

Retrofitting systems is quick and easy.

Less disturbance to tenants.
Opportunities to install toilets in new locations or unused locations.

Modern solutions for heritage buildings.
Plumbers & Contractors

Small pipes; quick installation.

Less conflict with existing infrastructure & fittings.

Pipes can be routed in virtually any direction; flush vertically.

Less core drilling; penetrations.

No drain slope required; no vent pipes.

Increased company exposure as vacuum plumbing specialists.
Water Corporations

Sustainable water management.

Manage larger population with existing infrastructure.

Better return on your water investment.

Waste Water Treatment

Manage larger population with existing infrastructure.

Increase capacity of septic systems.

Decentralised waste treatment possibilities.
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