Vacuum Toilets Australia

Saving water has never been so easy
Research Institutes

Vacuum waste collection provides a new working platform for sustainable sanitation efforts.

Separation of black water provides opportunities for the reuse of concentrated biomass.

Grey water can be segregated for recycling and reuse.

Potential for designing a sustainable ecosystem.
Urban Planners

Reduction of freshwater demand.

Small diameter pipework is easier to install; less impact on environment.

Decentralisation of black and/or grey water treatment.

Possibility to increase the capacity of existing systems.

Extend the useful life of existing septic systems in rural areas.

Install toilets without the limitations of gravity drainage.

Low-impact installations are perfect for heritage buildings.

Small diameter pipe results in streamlined installations.

Vacuum pipes can be routed in virtually any direction; no vent pipes.

Quick installation; less disturbance to tenants.

“Green” solutions provide your business with extra exposure.
Technical Consultants

Less concrete drilling.

Route vacuum pipe in virtually any direction; no vent pipes.

Less conflict with existing cabling and ventilation systems.

Connect to any type of sewage handling system.

Solutions for prisons, hazardous waste transport in hospitals, temporary services, mobile installations; super market freezers.

Less underground pipe work.
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