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Saving water has never been so easy

Standards Australia Publishes Amendment for Inclusion of Vacuum Drainage

After 6 long years of development, Vacuum Toilets Australia is pleased to announce that just last week, Standards Australia issued an amendment (Amtd 2) for the inclusion of Vacuum Drainage into the Australia Standard AS/NZS 3500.2:2015 Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage. This is a great achievement for industry as 0.8 litres per flush vacuum sanitary toilets and urinals, along with grey water interface collection tanks can now be specified and installed in compliance with regulatory controls.

Vacuum - One of the biggest Advances in Water-Saving Technology Since the Dual Flush Toilet

Financial Times' associate editor and business columnist Pilita Clark is impressed by Bloomberg's use of a sustainable vacuum toilet system in their new headquarters in London, stating "Bloomberg may have paved the way for one of the biggest advances in water-saving technology since the dual-flush toilet caught on 20 years ago". The system runs on rain water collected on the building's roof and recycled grey water alone and does not require any mains water. Read the full article here.