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Saving water has never been so easy

Bloomberg UK leads the Way in Sustainability by using Vacuum Toilets and Cooling Tower Water Recycling

The Bloomberg building in London is with an almost perfect 98.5% BREEAM sustainability rating the UK's highest performing building in innovation and sustainability. By using cutting edge technology, including a modern vacuum toilet system and cooling tower water recycling, the Bloomberg building is saving up to 73% of water compared to other office buildings.

Find out more about the innovative, sustainable design of the Bloomberg building by:

watching a short
film, reading Bloomberg's Innovation Reports on their use of Vacuum Drainage and Cooling Tower Water Recycling, or reading the BREEAM Report.

Bloomberg Headquarters to Save 25 million Litres of Water in First Year of Operation by using a Jets Vacuum System

With a near perfect BREEAM score, the new Bloomberg Headquarters in the UK is hailed as one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world. One of the key sustainability features is a Jets vacuum sanitary system, consisting of over 500 low-flush vacuum pans, using less than a litre per flush. Using recycled rainwater, the building is using net zero mains water for toilet flushing and is expected to save 25 million litres of water in its first year of operation. In Australia, where fresh water is extremely scarce, it is about time we start looking at this technology more seriously and include it in any new commercial development. To find out more about the advantages of using vacuum in commercial developments, read the cover story on sustainability in the latest P&HE Journal (p.18).

Perth's first 5-Star Hotel in Decades an "Engineering Success"

The InterContinental Perth City Centre features a "bullet proof" Jets vacuum toilet system, significantly reducing the building's water and electricity consumption.
Read more about Perth's new luxury hotel in the latest issue of Hotel Engineer.

Business in Bloom - And Saving a Ton of Water in the Meantime

The brand new Bloomberg Headquarter in London is a showcase for modern sustainable office design and is expected to save 25 million litres of water a year by using a vacuum toilet system.

Read the full article published in the CIBSE journal


Standards Australia Publishes Amendment for Inclusion of Vacuum Drainage

After 6 long years of development, Vacuum Toilets Australia is pleased to announce that just last week, Standards Australia issued an amendment (Amtd 2) for the inclusion of Vacuum Drainage into the Australia Standard AS/NZS 3500.2:2015 Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage. This is a great achievement for industry as 0.8 litres per flush vacuum sanitary toilets and urinals, along with grey water interface collection tanks can now be specified and installed in compliance with regulatory controls.