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The Benefits of Vacuum Toilets

The advantage of vacuum toilets cannot be understated.  Here we have a system that has stood the test of time in some of the harshest testing environments in the world;  a system that has evolved within the marine and transport industry for over 30 years;  a system so compact, so reliable and so efficient, it has many people asking, “Why are we not using these in our homes and offices now?”

Vacuum toilets save water.  At 1 litre per flush, there is simply no comparison.  We can achieve up to a 90% reduction in water use and waste production compared to conventional gravity toilets.

Vacuum toilets are portable.  From the glaciers of the Antarctic to the outback of Australia, having access to modern, comfortable toilets is an absolute reality.

Vacuum toilets are not hungry for energy.  We’re talking 2 watts per flush.  Solar-powered vacuum toilets systems are already in use in many parts of the world.  Imagine: a self-powered toilet system using 1 litre per flush, transporting a little more than 1 litre of waste.

Vacuum toilets are hygienic and safe.  There is no need to climb into a full, stinking hot chemical toilet when a cabin the same size could house a completely functional and efficient vacuum toilet.  Waste is carried away from the cabin space for simple and safe collection or disposal.  Integrate one of our compact sewage treatment plants to form a complete, self-contained sanitary waste handling solution perfect for any remote installation.

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