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Saving water has never been so easy
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About Vacuum Toilets Australia

Vacuum Toilets Australia was founded on the belief that vacuum sanitation technology has a place in Australian industry.  We have a remarkable team of service-minded engineers with years of experience in vacuum toilet systems. 

Our relationship with Jets started over 13 years ago when we were named the Jets marine distributor for Australia and New Zealand.  During that time, we have supplied numerous Jets vacuum toilets systems to a range of projects.  From passenger ferries to luxury yachts, from anchor tugs to Royal Australian Navy patrol boats, Jets vacuum toilet systems are made to please.

In early 2010, we embarked on a mission to commercialise the use of vacuum toilet systems in land-based industries.  It has always been our belief that vacuum toilet systems have the potential to open doors for other sustainable technologies such as on-site treatment and reuse of grey water and solar powered vacuum pumps.

We are enthusiastic at the prospects of saving hundreds-of-millions of litres of water for Australians every year as well as cutting back on the amount of sewage pumped into our municipal treatment plants.

The marine and transport industries have been sitting on this technology for over 30 years.  It’s time we get it under the bums of families as well as into office buildings, hotels, resorts and public venues across the country.

Support toilets that suck.  Go green.  Go vacuum.

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